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Is your Software Development Process working?

Are you frustrated by the output of your development team?

Do you feel that the development team should be more business-oriented?

"Development That Pays" is here to help!

What is "Development That Pays"?

Development That Pays is a weekly video that takes a business-focused look at what's working now in software development.

It features lessons learned from inside the software development teams of companies such as The Economist, Sainsbury's and BBC Worldwide.


Who is it for?

Anyone with financial responsibility for software development:

  • Business Owners
  • CTOs
  • Product Owners

Anyone with day-to-day responsibility for software development:

  • Project Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Lead Developers

Meet Gary

I'm Gary Straughan, the author of Development That Pays.

With a background in both Industrial Marketing and Software Development, I have a unique perspective:

I see software development through "business eyes".

  • I'm not interested in software for its own sake.
  • I am interested in software that achieves real business goals.

I'm fascinated by what works and what doesn't in software development; that's what Development That Pays is all about.


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