100 Thank You's

Episode 101 - 11 Oct 2017

This is Episode ONE HUNDRED AND ONE of Development that Pays. Amazing!

As we begin the the second "century" of Development That Pays, it's time to say "Thank You" to a few folks.

  • Thank you for getting involved
  • Thank you for translating
  • Thank you for commenting
  • Thank you... to helping to SHAPE Development That Pays

This is Episode 101 of Development that Pays.

Before looking forward to the next 100, I have to say Thank You to some folks.

Episode 14

It’s November 2015. I'm working on Episode 14.

And it’s not going well.

I've made it far too long. Far too ambitious.

I’m not someone who suffers in silence: my family is aware of the situation.

They’ve had enough. They wonder why I’m spending so much time on “Those &^%*ing videos”.

For the first time, I’m wondering the same thing.

Episode 14 was almost the end of Development That Pays.

On the day it was published, it got 13 views.

Not a very good start.

That “record” for daily views stood for four and a half months.


Fast-forward to the middle of 2016 and something changed. Something... unexpected.

You arrived!

And you started watching. A lot.

Some of you let me know that you “binge-watched” dozens of episodes.

You did more than watch: you started to get involved.

You started commenting. More on that in a moment.

First I have a long overdue thank you to make.


Some of you have been translating.

And I’m ashamed to say that for the longest time I didn’t even notice.

When I found the right link in YouTube’s admin section, I discovered translations of titles, descriptions - even entire transcripts!

Someone translated “Scrum vs Kanban - What's the Difference?” into spanish.

Was it you?

I don’t know, because YouTube doesn’t tell me.

To all those that have contributed translations, a huge thank you, muchas gracias and merci beaucoup!


Turning now to comments.

Here's a recent on:


You know what's amazing? That's just about the worst I've received.

The vast majority are extremely positive.

And many are, if anything, too good: beautifully written.

Thank you for getting involved.

Thank you for challenging me; thank you for making me think.

Getting to the point

And that's really what I wanted to say today:

Having you here makes all the difference.

As we move into the "second century" of Development that Pays, I hope you continue to help it to grow and evolve.

I hope you continue to watch, to translate, to comment.

Episode 14

Oh. That video I mentioned earlier? The one that got 13 views on its first day?

Thanks to you, it’s gone on to do rather well:

It’s been watched more than 110,000 times.

Watch "100 Thank You's" on YouTube.