The Lean Startup - Update + MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT

Episode 104 - 01 Nov 2017

Previously... A cunning plan was hatched, and we set off together along a Lean Startup runway.

There were more twists and turns than expected.

Today... I’ll bring you up to date with the latest developments:

  • will we run out of runway?
  • Or will I have something special to tell you?

It's the latter! Grab your FREE Scrum vs Kanban Mini-course

Be careful what you wish for

It is said that you should be careful what you wish for.

Several months ago, I came up with a plan to develop a course - coded-named “A Course Of Some Kind” - in a Lean fashion

That’s “Lean” as in The Lean Startup - the book by Eric Ries.

I remember thinking at the time it would be good if there was an opportunity to do a Pivot.

(That’s Lean Startup talk for a change of direction.)

You know, just for the experience.

Well, I got my wish.

The Story So Far

If you saw the previous episodes you’ll know that you - the Development That Pays community - came up with a short list of course titles.

And we ran an Experiment or two to find a winner, using a Minimum Viable Product that I termed “The Mundane MVP”: a Facebook Ad campaign designed to test demand for a yet-to-be-created product.

Agile Done Right” emerged victorious.

We were storming down our Lean Startup Runway ready to fly off into great blue yonder.

And then I discovered - completely by accident - that the name we already taken.


And do you know what? It hit me hard. It took the wind right out of my sails.

Time rolled on.

The summer holidays came and went.

And then there was Episode 100. That was my “Director’s Cut” of the most-viewed episode here on Development that Pays: “Scrum vs. Kanban”

It should have been easy to do. But it was massively time-consuming.


Eventually, I did get back to work.

And I did a couple of Facebook Ad experiments.

And this time clicks - previously under-reported - were now over-reported!

I’ll spare you the boring details, other than to say:

I learned some useful things about Facebook Advertising And very little else :(


And my Facebook ad bills were starting to add up.

In Lean Startup terminology: I felt I was reaching the end of my “runway”.

!!!Crisis point!!

I went back and poured over your comments.

And I read this comment from Queen Bee:

“Don't you run this experiment every week?”

I guess I do.


I lined up one more Facebook test: “Agile Done Right” side by side with “Scrum vs Kanban”.

“Agile Done Right” won. But not by much. “Scrum vs Kanban” was good enough.

What to know what I did next?


Ladies and Gentlemen. I’m proud to announce a brand new Mini-course.

The “Scrum vs. Kanban Mini Course”.

At the time of recording, it’s extremely rough around the edges.

My inclination was to make it… perfect. An inclination that would kept “in development”... forever.

But that’s not the way of Lean Startup.

The mini-course - in its current form - is another Minimum Viable Experiment.

Minimal… in that I was able to cannibalise existing “Scrum vs Kanban” material

Viable… in that it’s the real thing. It’s a real course!

(I’ll talk more about the experimental aspect another time.)

Take a look

For now, I hope you’ll check it out.

You’ll find a link on or around this video.

Click the link, follow the instructions… and see how you get on.

I’m in you debt

Although this isn’t the end of the story, it is an important milestone.

A milestone I would never have reached without you.

As I said way back at the beginning, the idea to do a “Course of Some Kind” had been going around in my head for a year.

With your support - and your always-amazing comments -

I’ve learned more about Lean

I’ve learned more that I wanted to about Facebook Advertising!

And the “Course of Some Kind” has come to life.

Thank you SO MUCH!