What is Scrumban? And Who is it for? + Cheat Sheet

Episode 125 - 08 Aug 2018

The name suggests that Scrumban is a cross between Scrum and Kanban. That's part of the story - but it's not the full story.

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f you’re watching this video the chances are You were just searching for Scumban.

You are most definitely in the right place.

Today we’re going to look at the origins of Scrumban.

And we’ll ask the question: is Scrumban right for your team?

What is Scrumban?

It almost sounds like a dumb question.

The name - Scrumban - almost explains itself.

Even if you’ve never heard the term before,

You’d probably guess that it’s a cross between Scrum and Kanban.

A hybrid. A third way.

And you’d be right…. And you’d also be missing an important part of the story.

Before we take another step, I just want to check we’re on the same page.

Of the Agile methodologies…. Sorry… Agile FRAMEWORKS - Scrum is by far the most well-known.

So I’m going to assume that you have a basic understanding of working in a series of (usually two week sprints).

If Scrum is clear in you mind, but Kanban is a little bit fuzzy… you’re not alone.

Not least because the word describes an Agile methodology

But long before there was a KAnban the Agile methodology

There was kanban., -- a set of principles for process improvement. Pricimciples rthat can their roots to Toyota.. … and gooing back future to the shelves of a supermarket.

Rewind to 2009. If things arefuzzy now, they wrere that much more fizzy then

Scrum has just as it were come into focus. - with the arrival of the scrum guide - published that year.

Kanban - the set of process improvement principle and practice - had been around for half a centory.

Kanban … the sotward development framework - was shall we say… fuzzy

Enter Corey Ladas.

In 2009 hw published: Scrumban - Essays on Kanban Systems for Lean Software Development

Talk about a keyword-rich title! You got everything there!

What’s not entirely clear from the title is that Corey has very clear agenda.

What he’s not saying is this:

“In the begining there was Scrum and Kanban. Now thew is Scruma and LKanabnma and Scrumban.”

It’s more opionalted than that. More directional.

He’s taking aim squarely at Scrum.

Essentially saying - and these my words, not his:

“Scrum is flawed. But it can be improved - here’s how.”

Improved how? By applying kanban PRINCIPLES!


There’s nothing stopping us applying kanban principles to Scrum.

And we can do so without ever stepping outside of the “edic” of The Scrum Guide.

We can.. Visualise our flow.. (with a board)

Was can… limit our work in progress.

We can - and do - improve.

We can… but do we?

Generally, we don’t.

Perhaps because we don’t know where to start.

Corey shows us EXACTLY where to start.