LinkedIn's only dedicated Scrumban Group

Episode 128 - 14 Nov 2018

If you’re doing Scrumban... If you’re thinking about doing Scrumban... Or if you are just curious about Scrumban...

Then the brand new Scrumban Group is the place for you.

The Scrumban episodes I’ve been publishing of late have gone down rather well.

But it’s just not the view count that has taken me by surprise: it’s the number of comments.

This is among the most commented-on episode ever.

What I expected, comment-wise, was a backlash from Scrum practitioners.

And that did happen to a certain extent.

But there were just and many people who were… curious.

At the other end of the spectrum were … those of you already doing Scrumban - and from what you told me, to great effect.

And then were those of you that THANKED ME for giving a name to what they were already doing!!!

So let me get this straight: you reviewed how you were working… did a spot of the olde “inspect” and “adapt”... and ended up at Scrumban!

There’s something interesting going on here, I thought to myself.

I need to do more on Scrumban. But we’re in the run to Christmas… and then it’s the new Year… and then there’s something else I’d plan to do.

Surely, I thought to myself, there’s something that I can do RIGHT NOW. NOT in 3 months time.

Do you know how many groups there are on LinkedIn dedicated to Scrumban?


“Agile & Lean Metrics” mentions Scrumban in its description.

And there is a group that mentions Scrumban in its title… but doesn’t seem to mention it anywhere else.

.. but apart from that. Zero!

So I’ve been and gone and created a proper dedicated SCRUMBAN group