The Top Agile Channels - #2 Will Shock You!

Episode 154 - 25 Apr 2023


  • 1 - Development That Pays -
  • 2 - Agil Es - por Cris Rua -
  • 3 - Agile Training Videos -
  • 4 - Scrum Org. -
  • 5 - Mark Shead -
  • 6 - The Agile Digest -
  • 7 - Scrum Life -
  • 8 - La Minute Agile -
  • 9 - BeingAgile Consulting -
  • 10 - Mountain Goat Software -

Subscriber counts as of 2 April 2023.

  • Years ago, I saw Danny Boyle being interviewed about his latest movie, "Sunshine." The movie was just about to be released and I was shocked to hear him say, and this was right at the beginning of the interview that everybody dies. So I'm gonna take a leaf out of the great man's book and giveaway the ending of this mini movie. This channel, the one you're watching right now, takes the number one slot, although that position comes with a number of caveats. We'll get to those in due course. But first of all, let's get started at number 10 with around 18,000 subscribers, Mountain Goat Software, a very recognizable brand. I'd heard of Mountain Goat before I'd heard of scrum and Mike Cohn is about as close as we get to a celebrity here in our agile world. By the way, you'll find links to this and every channel featured in the description below. (screen twinkling) At number nine with nearly 21,000 subscribers, BeingAgile Consulting. BeingAgile is based in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul's area. And Karen Fomafung is your agile evangelist. (screen twinkling) I think I forgot to say hello. Sorry about that. My name is Gary. Thank you very much for joining me here in the shed at the bottom of the garden. As you figured out by now, we're counting down by subscriber account. That was the easy bit. That's nice and objective, much more subjective was figuring out what makes an agile channel. Now, I took the view that one video does not an Agile channel make. So I've only included a channel if most of the videos on that channel were on agile subjects. I think that's logical. I hope that makes sense. Another decision I had to make was whether to include videos and channels that were not in English and I thought, why not? Let's do that. (screen twinkling) At number eight, with over 22,000 subscribers, the first of two French-based French language channels, La Minute Agile. Luckily, I have a bit of French, so I can tell you that that means The Agile Minute. My French teacher would be so proud. Judicaël Paquet has produced an impressive 250 plus videos over just a three-year period. (screen twinkling) And number seven, with just over 30,000 subscribers, we stay in France for the only double act in the list. Scrum Life. I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly. Jean-Pierre Lambert and Constantin Guay have also been busy. period is no mean feat. (screen twinkling) At number six with nearly we traveled to India for the Agile Digest. Niladri covers agile and related topics, including Jira and agile transformation. (screen twinkling) Halfway there and as good a time as any for a quick disclaimer. Putting together this list turned out to be way more difficult than I had anticipated. Although YouTube search is very good, very good indeed, its search for channels is much less sophisticated. What I ended up having to do was search for agile videos and then trace them back to their channel. So that's one reason why this list may well be incomplete. So if you've spotted a channel that you think should have been on this list, please let me know in them there comments below. Another reason why it might be incomplete is that Google and YouTube both know that I speak English, so the chances are there might be channels out there that are not in English that weren't presented to me or even videos not in English that weren't presented to me. So again, if you know of a channel, a non-English language channel that should have been on that list, again, let me know in them there comments below (screen twinkling) At number five with more than 36,000 subscribers, Mark Shead. His videos include this animated masterpiece, "What is Agile?" with 2.7 million views and counting. (screen twinkling) At number four, a hair ahead of Mark is the mammoth, the behemoth that is Here you'll find eight years of content with no fewer than 446 videos, a high score for this list. (screen twinkling) At number three with over 40,000 subscribers, my old nemesis, Agile Training Videos. Here you'll find content going back 11 years, making it the longest lived channel in this list. (screen twinkling) I've already given away the number one spot so we've just one to reveal. I can tell you that this channel has a massive 53,000 subscribers and I can also tell you that it's not Kanban University, it's not Scrum Alliance, it's not even Scrum Inc. In number two with a bullet, I only discovered it last week, we travel to Colombia for Agil Es por Cris Rua. Despite an impressive Duolingo streak, my Spanish is rubbish, but I think this bit translates as Agile is. And this bit is the person's name. Getting this many subscribers with just 62 videos is an indication of the quality here, with most videos having been viewed tens of thousands of times. (screen twinkling) Let's finish the list at number one with 70,000 subscribers and if you're one of them, a huge, huge thank you. Development That Pays. (screen twinkling) And now I'd love to hear from you. How many of these channels I wonder were you already aware of? Were there any particular surprises in the list? And last but by no means least, are there any channels that you're aware of that should have been on the list, but were omitted? Let me know. I'll see you in the comments below and I look forward to seeing you next time.