Why is Agile so... ANNOYING?

Episode 155 - 26 Apr 2023

That's the question I'm asking in today's brand-new episode. Enjoy!

if pressed I could probably come up with a list of things about agile that are not ideal today I'm going to talk about just one of those and then I want to hear from you hi my name is Gary welcome back to the shed at the bottom of the garden and welcome to development that pays the channel where we actually what is it that we do it's a question I've been musing about over the last few weeks and at the beginning of this week I put up a poll to ask what you thought might be a good tagline for development that pays the options were your agile Survival Guide getting stuff done without losing your mind agile for me Immortals and agile gain without the pain which one I wonder would you have chosen here are the results have to say I'm pretty pleased with how that turned out and interesting isn't it that the top two results both have some element of pain annoyance frustration built into them and it had me thinking back to my first encounter with agile and the first time I experienced some frustration if you've been with me for a while you'll know that I was dropped into an agile team at the BBC a team that was doing scrum although I hadn't heard of that term just yet and my initial impression was one of well Fascination I'd never seen anything like it the daily stand-ups the planning meetings retrospectives think we even had beer from time to time so yeah initially it was all fascinating but that wore off quite quickly and I I shared the frustration that I think many people do expect maybe especially on the coding side I don't know maybe with other roles as well that felt like my time might be better spent doing more coding and doing a little less of these various meetings ceremonies I think they were called back then if you know the full story you'll know that the team split in two one team wanted to do kanban one stage doing scrum and that was when I started to take notice of what both teams were doing to compare and contrast and eventually get to a point where I understood why we would spend time at the beginning of the week planning I understood why we would spend some time at the end of a Sprint doing a retrospective doing a Sprint review the pieces started to fall into place in my mind and that's when I discovered my second frustration and that was when I started to understand I wanted to help other people understand so that they would be less frustrated about some of the stuff they were doing and I found that I was very poor at communicating that long story short that's the origin of development that pays it was me getting my thoughts together on these various things these crazy things that were happening in agile and putting them down in a coherent way that would hopefully be useful to explain to others so that's two or one depending on how you look at it pain points from me but I'm interested to hear from you especially your first one so can you remember back to your very first or second maybe experience with agile and what it was that first annoyed you frustrated you drove you crazy I hope that never happened to you but if it did I'd really love to hear about it let me know in the comments and as you've continued your agile journey I wonder if that pain has been replaced by a different pain perhaps something even more acute if so I'd love to hear about it let me know and then their comments below and I look forward to seeing you next time

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