Will the real Scrumban please stand up

Episode 156 - 28 Jan 2023

Let's talk about it.

if you tell me that you're doing scrum I have a good idea what you're doing if you tell me you're doing kanban I also have a good idea what you're doing but if you tell me that you're doing scrumbine my first thought is oh oh welcome to development that pays my name is Gary Strawn and I have been something of an advocate for this thing scrum band at least one particular definition of scrum band you see and I suppose therein lies the problem there are at least two scrum bands scrumban the original and scrumban the young Pretender the original the OG was devised by Corey ladas who coined the term and quite literally wrote the book this is scrumban the pathway dare I say it the methodology specifically designed for scrum teams who want to transition to kanban this is the version that I've been an advocate for if you've seen me talk about scrum bum before you will have seen me talking about this particular pathway but there's a new kid in town the young Pretender scrumban the agile framework not just an agile framework but a hybrid agile framework incorporating we're told the very best of scrum and kanban and I have to say if you go Googling for scrumban it's this young Pretender that comes up again and again yes there are references here to the OG but it seems as far as the interweb is concerned the war is over and the young Pretender has won and I'm not sure that that is a good thing for a couple of reasons for one thing I have a theory that the very name scrum ban might be part of the problem if you're hearing about it for the first time here today I wonder if you're already imagining how you might mix and match drop a bit of scrum here add in a bit of kanban there and see what happens and I guess really what my concern is that many people are rolling their very own agile framework perhaps quite randomly and giving it the label scrumban when what it really is is Scrum minus the bits we don't like or find to be inconvenient I wonder if you uh know anyone who might have been guilty of this if you're watching this I'm sure I don't have to tell you don't know every combination of scrum and kanban is going to be valid especially not if we're attempting to create a framework so this young Pretender is going to have to be a specific combination we're going to need a scrum band guide and the great news is I found one the not so good news is I then found another one seems like there are lots of guides definitive guides ultimate guides for how to do scrumban and I wasn't really able to find very much commonality between them than I have to confess that I got discouraged packed up and went home but if you didn't if you have gone through that process of finding out about scromban and found a good source and ideally a source that you then went and implemented I really love to hear from you let me know in them their comments below but as I said my conclusion was this is a big mess I give up but I may have been a little Hasty take a look at this this is from get and it reads scrum band was originally intended to help teams transition from scrum to kanban as we have talked about however many teams found at the midpoint was actually a great place to stay for that reason you'll find nuances in the way that different companies Implement scrumban interesting perhaps what I was looking at was a feature and not a bug scrumban as a collection of agile Frameworks and I guess it makes sense after all the OG the original scrum band was indeed a pathway starting at scrum ending at kanban with presumably scrumban in between multiple scrum bands in between that being the case you'd think we'd be able to find them right here in this book except they're not there this I'm afraid is a lie yes the book starts with scrum yes there are multiple stages along the way but most of those stages are about adding kanban elements to scrum without taking anything away this isn't scrum but this is Scrum and scrum and those kanban elements now what's another name for scrum and bearing in mind the scrum is a Nigel framework that's the important word it's a framework so that we're at Liberty to add things to it meaning that scrum and is the same as scrum meaning that this is Scrum and this is Scrum and this is Scrum and on and on until the point where where it flips not to scrumban but directly to kanban not a hybrid agile framework in sight now if you don't believe me then you should definitely watch this video where I go through each of the scrum band stages in detail take a look