Best of the First Year of Development That Pays

Episode 52 - 07 Sep 2016

A year ago I set myself a challenge to make one video a week for an entire year.

This is Episode 52. Made it!

To mark this milestone, I give you the very best of the very first year of Development That Pays.

I won't give away the order, but I will tell you the topics:

  • Agile... and Waterfall
  • Scrum... and Kanban
  • TDD... and BDD
  • MVPs
  • Daily Stand-up

A year ago

I set myself a challenge

to make one video a week

For an entire year

If you're watching this video

I've made it to Episode 52.

To mark this milestone

I give you

The very best of

The very first year of

Development That Pays

Hi this is Gary

Welcome to EPISODE 52!

Can't tell you how great it feels to be able to say that.

I wanted to mark the occasion with some sort of countdown

But how to select the "best" videos?

My favourites? Too selfish.

Your favourites? Much better.

After going around the houses a several of times, I came back to the simplest measure for "popularity":

YouTube View Count

True, it favours older videos

But why let a technicality get in the way of a good countdown?


Let's go.

At No.5

Weighing in at 700+ views

It's Agile vs Waterfall - Waterfall wins!

The episode was a follow-on from a previous episode,

as this young man will now explain:

"My nineteen year old self took on my dad

at the classic DIY challenge of hanging a shelf.

To no one's surprise my dad won by a landslide.

It wasn't just a victory of experience over enthusiasm.

It was a victory of Agile over Waterfall.

But was Waterfall destined to lose?

Or could it have claimed victory.

What has to be true for Waterfall to win?

By the way

Stick around to the end of the video

for links to all of the videos mentioned.

There's no No 4 as we have a tie for third place

Weighing in at 800+ views


This one ALSO follows on from the "Shelf-hanging" video

as this young man will now explain:

"I tried to hang this shelf on this wall.

I made a real mess of it.

The shelf was nowhere near flat.

Could TDD

Or BDD have saved the day?"

It goes on to compare and contrast...

Units tests - as in Test Driven Development

and Behavioural tests - as in Behaviour Driven Development

Also at No. 3 equal, also with 800+ views

It's "3 Awesome MVPs"

Here's the intro:

"What are the greatest MVPs of all time?

I've absolutely no idea.

But here are three of my favourites."

The video features MVPs from



and Zappos

We're nearly there.

Weighing at 1000+ views

At No. 2 it's "Daily Standup - You're doing to wrong."

Over to you, young man:

"I'm a big an of the Daily Stand-up.

Even when they don't work well,

they work better than no stand-up at all.

However, the most common model for stand-up is...


There is a better way"

This one caused a bit of a stir - and a little bit of anger - on LinkedIn,

when I suggested that the "Yesterday, Today, Blockers" model...

... is a bit rubbish.

Just before Xmas, I recorded a three-part "mini-series"

that followed the fortunes of an Agile team that split in two.

The first of series has been viewed more than 5 and a half thousand times!


Ladies and Gentlemen

I give you

Your number one:

"Scrum vs Kanban"

"This is the story of two Agile teams.

More correctly, it's the story of one Agile team that split into two Agile Teams

What makes the story interesting is that it was more than an organisational separation.

It was also an AGILE separation"

As well as documenting my experience of

"doing Agile" at BBC Worldwide,

the videos are also a pretty good introduction

to the differences between Scrum

and Kanban"

I promised you some links.

This video - "My Dad the Agile Coach"

didn't make it into the top five...

... but it led on to two videos that did.

So you might want to watch this one first.

On to the countdown:

No 5. "Agile vs Waterfall - Waterfall wins!"

No 3 equal "TDD vs BDD"

No 3 equal "THREE awesome MVPs"

No 2 "Daily Standup - You're doing to wrong"

And last but by no means least,

No 1 "Scrum vs Kanban"

And that just about puts the wraps on the first year of Development that Pays.

Will there be a episode 53?

The only way to know for sure is to subscribe to this channel.

Hit the big red button, and I look forward to seeing you on the other side.