Daily Stand-up - YOUR Top Rules

Episode 72 - 15 Feb 2017

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I asked for YOUR rules for Daily Stand-up. You did not disappoint!

Thank you so much your comments. There were far more that I could squeeze into a single episode.

As you'd expect, I was interested to see if your rules agreed with mine. (SPOILER: Not really.)


Brad's 5 Rules for Daily Stand-up

  • The first rule of Stand-up is 'You must do Daily Stand-up'
  • The second rule of Stand-up is 'YOU MUST DO STAND-UP'
  • The third rule of Stand-up is 'Same time every day'
  • The fourth rule of Standup is 'Keep it short!'
  • The fifth rule of stand-up is 'You have to stand'

Your rules

My thanks to everyone who took the time and trouble to let me know their rules for daily stand-up.

Some awesome stuff here.

Some ideas that were new to me. And plenty of common themes.

I was curious to know if your rules agreed with mine

No one questioned the need for daily stand-up, so the first two rules stand

What about Rule 3?

Lots of agreement of picking a time and sticking to it. And some ideas for enabling it, like a reminder beforehand - and a penalty for non-compliance

And Rule 4: Keep it short?

Let's come back to that one in a moment

Rule 5 was 'Stand up!'

This got exactly one mention. And even then it was in relation to a multi-location team; I completely get that standing up in from on a video conference camera is a bit weird.

Which has me wondering: has this rule had its day?Is the physical act of standing up not providing the benefit it promised?

Let me know in the comments below.

Where are we?

So far we have three rules that are solid, and one where the jury's still out.

We have one more rule to take a look at:

Rule 4 - 'Keep it short'.

There was good agreement on the need to keep Stand-up short. And no shortage of suggestions on how to achieve it.

Which is a bit of a problem for my list of simple rules.

Because keeping stand-up short is far from simple. If it were simple, we could set an egg timer for 15 minutes. Hell, why not 10 minutes.

But no one suggested an egg timer. And no one suggested an alarm.

And I'm glad they didn't.

Because time is not the issue.

The issue is that Stand-up should be efficient and effective.

It should just "work".

That's the issue. That's the aim.

Keeping is short is the by-product.

We'll be diving in to what makes stand-up "work" in the very next episode.

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