Daily Stand-up - 35 Rules For Stand-up Success

Episode 73 - 22 Feb 2017

A couple of episodes ago, I laid out my rules for effective Daily Stand-up. And then I asked you for YOUR rules for daily standup.

I was blown away by the quantity and the quality of your responses. They were too good to languish in the comments section: they needed to be elevated. they needed to be immortalised!

I've collected then into a single document: Daily Stand-up Words of Wisdom.

Download your copy NOW!


I laid out my rules for effective daily stand-up

And then I asked you for YOUR rules for daily stand-up.

And boy did you deliver.

Your rules were too good to languish in the comments section.

They needed to be elevated.

They needed to be... immortalised!

Change of plan

This is NOT the episode I'd planned for today.

I'd planned to go into detail on one aspect of daily stand up, based on your comments.

And that was the problem: so many great comments. So many great ideas.

After half-writing three scripts - Or should that be: writing three half-scripts? - I realised I was missing the wood for the trees.

The real value here is in the collection itself.

So here's what I did:

  • I grabbed your comments
  • Pasted them into a document
  • Grouped similar comments together
  • And tidied it up into a rather nice PDF.

I've called it Daily Stand-up Words of Wisdom.

It's an absolute gold mine one of solid tips and inspiration. And it's yours to download today.

You'll find notes on:

  • The benefits of standing up
  • The need to follow a system - whether your into "Yesterday Today Blockers" or "Walking the Board"
  • The desire to keep it short - together with some very practical suggestions on how to "keep it short"

There are notes on:

  • respect
  • and on the need to keep it varied and fun.

All in all there are 35 comments in the document.

Three items of housekeeping.

Housekeeping item No. 1

You're going to want to grab your copy of Stand-up Words of Wisdom.

You'll find a link somewhere around this video.

Housekeeping item No. 2

In putting together Daily Stand-up Words of Wisdom, I tried to curate rather than edit.

I can say that I agree with most of the comments - but certainly not all of them.

And that's fine.

Housekeeping item No. 3

The document isn't finished. I plan to keep adding to it over time.

So chime in. Leave me your top tips in the comments below.

I'll add them to the document and send out updates from time to time.