The Lean Startup - And the Winner Is...

Episode 91 - 28 Jun 2017

The polls are closed. The votes have been counted. It’s time to reveal the FINAL FOUR!

You will NOT BELIEVE what came in at No. 2!

Here’s the backstory:

We’re in the process of creating a Minimum Viable Product for a 5-day mini course.

(The idea is to check demand for the course BEFORE building it.)

Three weeks ago, I asked you to suggest names for the course.

And two weeks ago, I asked you to vote for your favourites.

Today, I reveal the winners.

Without giving too much away:

  • More than 50 names received one vote or more - a testament to the quality of the suggestions
  • One name claimed a substantial majority
  • And one name got me in trouble with Facebook :)

Are we now, finally, ready to start our Minimum Viable EXPERIMENT?

Watch the episode and find out!

And remember to grab a copy of the Lean Startup Cheat Sheet


We went to the Polls to name our Minimum Viable Product.


I unveil the winners. And start the experiment!

Quick recap

Let’s get straight down to business.

We’ve in the process of process of putting together an MVP - a Minimum Viable Product. A Minimum Viable EXPERIMENT if you prefer.

I’ve taken so many episodes about it, you must be starting to wonder just how minimal it is.

But remember that although there’s been a lot of talk, there’s been very little action.

Today that will change.

Today we’ll push the button to start the experiment.

Poll results

Before doing so, there’s the small matter of a vote. Thank you so much to everyone that took the time to vote.

In at No.1 with more than TWICE as many votes as the second place result. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

  • “Agile That Pays”

I have to say, I have concerns. I like it - but I have concerns. It’s either a good name... or it’s a name that’s been burned into our brains.

(Conveniently, we’ll know the answer to that question about a week from now.)

The OTHER names that you liked (starting at No. 2):

  • Agile Episode III - Revenge of the Product Owner
  • Real Life Agile
  • Getting Sh*t Done With Agile
  • Agile: The Untold Story
  • Agile Done Right
  • Scrum That Pays
  • Kanban That Pays
  • Agile: Beyond the Theory
  • Agile: The Talk. You’ll DO it.

Some of the names make a promise that I won't be able to deliver - at least not in the mini-course. And I decided to hold back on the lower-ranking "... That Pays" variants. Leaving us with this charismatic quartet:

  • Agile That Pays
  • Real Life Agile
  • Getting Sh*t Done With Agile
  • Agile Done Right

The Facebook ads

I’ve been busy doing one of my least favourite things: setting up ads in Facebook. One for each of our four finalists.

Not the most exciting thing to show you: the only difference between them is the title and the landing page link.

At this point I ran into an unexpected bump in the road: one of the titles - Getting Sh*t Done With Agile - fall foul of the Facebook’s profanity filter.

But three strong contenders remain:

  • Agile That Pays
  • Real Life Agile
  • Agile Done Right

So what do you say. Shall we get this party started?

Our Minimum Viable Experiment starts in THREE, TWO, ONE, Go!