Cheat Sheets: Agile, Waterfall, Scrum, Kanban, etc

Episode 93 - 19 Jul 2017

I've taken time out from my holidays to tell you about some exciting developments in the world of Cheat Sheets:

  1. MAKEOVER - All of the Cheat Sheets have had a makeover. Hope you like the new design.
  2. WEBSITE SECTION - The Cheat Sheets now have a new home on my website.
  3. MAGIC - If you're on my email list, you can download any of the Cheat Sheets at the click of a button. Look out for my emails for more details.

At the time of recording, there are FOUR Cheat Sheets:

  • Scrum vs Kanban
  • TDD vs BDD
  • Waterfall vs Agile
  • The Lean Startup

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I'm wearing my holiday hat. I've got my holiday Raybans. And I’ve got my holiday shirt.

It can only mean one thing: I'm on holiday!

I've drugged you halfway around the world to talk to you about one of my favorite subjects:

Cheat Sheets!

Welcome to Jasper

I'd planned to take a break over the summer…

… and I would have done so had it not been for an email that i received from Nick Gorbachov.

Nick asked the question:

"Why is it that when you sign up for more than one Cheat Sheet, you have to re-enter your name and email address every time?"

When I got the email, I remember typing:

"Really sorry, but one of the promises I make with Cheat Sheets is that when a new version comes out,I'll always send you a new version. In order to do that I need to track you know who requested what. Sorry about that.”


But and then I realized that it could be done. That it wasn't necessary to have everyone re-enter a name and email address every time.

And then I got completely carried away: I revamped the entire Cheat Sheet system!


All of the Cheat Sheets have had a makeover.

I worked with a graphic designer two months ago and I finally got around to applying the design to the Cheat Sheets.

I’m really pleased with the end result.

New home

The Cheat Sheets now have a special place on my website:

Full disclosure: if you go there it will ask you to enter your name and email address.