The Very Best of Development That Pays 2016

Episode 66 - 04 Jan 1986

Happy New Year! Let's get the 2017 off to a flying start by, err, looking back at 2016!

Here are the 5 most-viewed episodes of 2016:

Thanks to you, 2016 was an extraordinary year for Development That Pays. But 2017 is going to be even better. Stay tuned!

Hey it's great to be back!

Let me startby wishing you and yours a very, very Happy New Year

Let's get 2017 off to a flying start by having a quick look back at 2016.

Welcome to Development That Pays.

My name is Gary Straughan

And these are the five most viewed episodes of 2016.

No.5: Scrum in Two Minutes

"Today I'm going to attempt to do Scrum in two minutes or less.

No. 4: Kanban in two minutes

"Today I'm going to attempt to do Kanban in two minutes or less.

Just before we get to the Top Three there's an honorable mention for an episode

that didn't make it into the top five but did spawn a couple of

episodes that did.

It's called "My Dad The Agile Coach"

and it weighed in at No.10

"This is my dad. He was a master of DIY and a woodworking genius.

But Agile? He knew nothing about agile. Or did he?

Time to get back to the countdown with an episode you'll be really surprised to learn is about shelves.

No.3: Agile vs Waterfall

"Previously on Development That Pays. My 19 year old self took on my dad at the classic DIY challenge of hanging a shelf

To no one's surprise my dad won by a landslide

it was not just a victory of experience over enthusiasm,

it was also a victory of Agile over Waterfall.

But was Waterfall destined to lose, or could it have claimed victory?

What has to be true for waterfall to win?

No.2: The Awesome Minimum Viable Products.

"What are the greatest Minimum Viable Products of all time?

I've absolutely no idea but here are three of my favourites

I know what you're thinking. The No.1 spot is probably going to have something to do with shelves.

You're not wrong

The number one most-viewed episode of 2016 was

Test Driven Development vs. Behaviour-Driven Development

"Previously on Development That Pays

I tried to hang this shelf on this wall

I made a real mess of it. The shelf was nowhere near level.

Could test driven development or even behavior-driven development have saved the day?

And that just about put wraps on 2016.

You'll find links to all the episodes i've just mentioned in the notes below.

In the next episode will be looking forward to what's coming in 2017

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