The Most Luuved Episodes Of All Time

I know what you're thinking.

It's not five minutes since we did a "best of".

Thing is, I wasn't happy with that list. I didn't love it.

Sure, a lot of people watched these videos.

But did they like them?

Did they love them?

I wanted to know.

So I took the number LIKES and divided it by the number of views to come up with a like-ability factor,

Here, young lovers, is a romantic run-through of the most luuuved episodes of all time.

10 Agile: Do the Thing Right... or Do the Right Thing? [#53]

Surprised and delighted to see this one in the Top Ten. It gets right to the HEART of what Development That Pays is all about.

9 The Joy of Net Present Value (NPV) [#29]

WHAT!?!?! A episode about Finance in the Top Ten? I LOVE it!

As I've always said, if you only ONE learn thing about finance, learn about Sunk Cost.

But if you can make space for ONE MORE thing, learn about Net Present Value!

8 Building a Real-Life MVP (Minimum Viable Product) - Part II [#38]

Excellent, my week spent generating sawdust wasn't all in vain!

My very own VALENTINE , my amazing wife, Sheila - get's name-checked in this one.

7 What is BDD? What is Behaviour Driven Development? [#61]

Another episode that I put my HEART and soul into. [Groan.]

6 Work On One Thing At A Time. Here's Why. [#21]

Love that this made it into the list. It's a subject that we'll return to in near future.

5 The Best of the First Year of Development That Pays [#52]

Ah. A "Best of" list. Awkward.

Let's move on.

4 Agile Efficiency (is an Oxymoron) [#54]

Another episode that's oh so "Development that pays". Love this matrix.

3 Sh!t Software Developers Say: "We Need More (BDD) Tests!" [#24]

A true Story - though not a True love Story - of a Development Team getting to grips with horrible code.

2 TDD vs BDD - Head-to-Head Part II [#63]

The TDD vs. BDD battle went down well.

But people: Make love. Not war.

As I'm sure you'd expect, there are links to each of the videos in the notes below. Check them out!

And now, it's time for the most luuuved up episode of all time.

1 Minimum Viable Product FAIL!!! [#51]

Not one of my better maker moments.